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  • Rehabilitation design for the wastewater treatment plant terminal 1 and terminal 2, International Airport of Mexico City. March-May 2012.

  • Study to develop a proposal for an Integral Program for the sanitation of Vergara Bay. March-May 2011.

  • Study to increase the efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant facilities of the International Airport of Mexico City. 2006.

  • Design and coordination of the Comprehensive Sanitation Program of  ¨La Cuenca del  Alto  Balsas (Alto  Atoyac)¨. The government of the State of Puebla (SOAPAP). Investment 2004            $ 60,621 million MXN; Estimated Investment 2005-2007 $ 450 million MXN. 2004.

  • Coordination for the elaboration of executive projects for the sanitation of 40l/s of Sta. Ma. Moyotzingo and in the communities of San Buenaventura Tecaltzingo and San Francisco Tepeyecac. 2004.

  • Coordination of the rehabilitation project duties of the WWTP of Huejotzingo for 60 l/s. 2004.

  • Coordination of the preliminary project and the terms of reference for the remote system of remote discharges in Alto Atoyac. 2004.

  • Coordination for the sanitation project of 40 l/s in Santa Ana Xalmimilulco. 2004.

  • Coordination for the sanitation project of 200 l/s San Martín Texmelucan. 2004.

  • Supervision of the remediation program for polluted soil by hydrocarbons in the municipalities of Acatzingo and Huixcolotla, Puebla resulting from the largest crude oil spill on the mainland in PEMEX's history. (40 hectares and just over 60,000 barrels of oil spilled). 2002.



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